Apple WWDC 2021 Highlights

Apple WWDC 2021 Highlights

WWDC 2021 Apple conference which was held on 7 June. Whereby their report and notes have in our blog which can help you and update you. So here goes all the information regarding WWDC 2021 conference meeting notes.


  1. Staying connected:
  • Face time:- From using face time we can Connect our family members and friends. So why worry when you have face time. With a click, you can stay in touch with your close once. Also, enjoy deeply personal moments without losing signals. This new update is Natural, Comfortable, and lifelike.


  • Spatial Audio:- In this feature since we are on face time but we can’t hear any background noise. And feel like we are in the same room. That’s call voice isolation.


  • Face time link:- Whereby we can now share face time links to anyone on social medial, emails, WhatsApp, and in our schedule.


  • Share Play:- Now you can play music while doing face time and share the same music with your group of face time. Also, you can share movies and share your screen with all your face time people.


  1. Finding Focus:-
  • Notification:- You can schedule your notification summary from morning to evening. Whereby all notifications will be filtered and customized by you. You can also filter the important notification and other notifications separately so you can easily see the important notification.


  • Also, we have a DND feature whereby all notifications automatically is on silent mode. And show on chats so important message notification will only pop up.  

  1. Using intelligence:-
  • Live text:- Are your anyone from image to text converting by typing them? Then here’s good news for you all. From the live text, you can now easily convert image text to live text. Just by touch. And also from image you can identify the location and direction of any place images.





  • Spotlight:- You can search photos from your home screen. And also share to messages, call, face time, mails, pay & location.


  • Photo memories:- Here you can easily identify all trips and functions photo albums. And also can create video and add music it related to the video content.






  1. Exploring the world:-


  • Wallet:- So nowadays everything is going to be digital in this digital era. So here we introduced you to your digital car key, digital home key, digital hotel key and many more are coming up. many hotels have been joining with us already which u can see in the below picture. And also for Id cards, we have a wallet where you can just click the Id card picture and you are good to go just like free from the physical wallet.


Figure 3: hotel name





Figure 4: Id card



Figure 5: Digital key



  • Weather: - The weather has a really cool background with the animated feature update.


  • Maps:- So here we have 3D maps finally. With really cool new detailing like signals, crosswalk, traffic and which lane should we drive for less traffic. Also, have night mood moon glow vision. This is super amazing. And if we lose track we can easily just scan around the route and find the way to reached destiny.



So yeah this is all about the WWDC apple conference held on 7th June. I hope this information is useful for you. Also tells us in the comment section which update did you like the most. And Will also keep you updated and gives you information about the new update. Don’t forget to follow our website for more such blogs on

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